What do we do?

    We create optimal experiences | Get you back to your roots | Live, practice & teach Yoga


    No distractions, anxieties, to-dos, technology, bad habits or addictions. We pair down and get to your roots, simple, natural and raw.


    Find the 'om' within your Self. The inner place of calm, compassion and strength. We systematically study & practice yoga to bring us h-om-e.


    Learn the best methods to share your knowledge. Connect with others of similar purpose. Design your lifestyle. Live authentic.

    The Yoga Home

    We believe that your best self comes when you feel happy, light and free. Our trainings give you the mind-body techniques to give you exactly that!

    After two or three weeks of an immersive experience, living comfortably monastic, feeling what it's like to live in an optimal environment, doing great things for your body and mind, you will develop the mental strength to take control of your energy, your thoughts and body and reveal the jewel that you are.

    Dr. Pinard developed our program so that it focuses first on understanding why we feel disempowered in the modern environment, and what we can do about it. The solution is yoga! Its rich philosophy teaches us new ways to look at our world and gives us the techniques to lighten our body and have a calm mind. For our YTTC students, our course manual covers everything you need to know about yoga techniques and methods, with a special emphasis on how to make it in the yoga world. We've included tons of class and workshop outlines, playlists, class themes and more to get you off your feet and out in the world.

    All of us at The Yoga Home are driven to helping you use yoga to reveal your inner h-om-e.

    Our Faculty

    Philosophers | Guides | Healers
    Dr. Marguerite Pinard
    Founder | Psychiatry | Meditation
    Emily Chen
    E-RYT 200 |Lead Trainer |Dancer
    Sindhu Gudala
    Business Development| Hindu Philosophy


    Find your Om

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